Vincent Martella is a Canadian artist who lived in both Italy and Canada. He is known for his colorful paintings and his artwork has been exhibited in Italy, France, and the United States.

Martella was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He attended art school in Italy where he studied under an art teacher who was an ex-military officer. When he moved back to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he had a chance to work with the military and was able to paint a large part of his portfolio.

He also worked for several years as a freelance art director. As an art director, he worked in a variety of fields as an artist, a graphic designer, a cartoonist, and an illustrator. While he has been a part of the music industry, he has also been a part of the animation industry.

His latest project is a short film called “Aurora.” It’s set in the year 2028 and deals with what it means to be a woman in the year 2016. The story is about a girl named Aurora who is a reporter who is being stalked by an ex-con who has been stalking her for over a decade. The stalkers have been sending Aurora letters, phone calls, and messages throughout the years.

vincent martella has a very interesting story to tell when it comes to how he came to be drawn to the cartoon medium. He says that he was born in the 80s and had his first comic book in the 90s. His father was a famous writer and cartoonist for a very popular magazine. He claims that he had been drawing cartoons since he was 7. After he got home from school, he started sketching the characters he had created.

What Vincent Martella doesn’t seem to mention is the fact that the first comic book he drew was in 1995, and that it was a collaboration between his father, his mother, and his older brother. This was the start of his career. In fact, he credits his father as being the first person to show him how to draw a comic book.

That’s because he started drawing for FamilyNet, an online comic book store. They were one of the first places to accept cartoons as part of their content. While his father and brother were making the cartoons, Vincent Martella’s mother was creating the art and the comic books. He was the first person to see the potential in the comics and the fact that he could get paid. After being published by FamilyNet, his cartoons became more and more popular.

Martella is a talented cartoonist, but it is also important to note that he is not the first person to take comics and turn them into a comic book. In fact, he’s not even the first person to turn comics into a comic book. It’s actually the first time that the term “comic book” has been used to describe something that was created by a single person.

It was not until the late 60s that the comics industry began to flourish. Its the first time that the term comics was used to describe something that was created by a single person. The very first comic book was created by someone other than a single person (and therefore we can call it a comic book), the very first comic book was created by Stan Lee. The very first comic book is actually called The Avengers. Stan Lee was a man who did not take comics seriously.

A comic book is not a comic book. That title belongs to the comic book itself. If you are someone who does not think that comics are serious, then the very first comic book is not a comic book.