This is a question I get asked a lot, mainly because I work in the pharmaceutical industry. It has been a long time since I have had a drug that I was told was an addictive drug. It actually doesn’t seem to be that bad. I have seen how people who are on trazodone report having a much better life. I have seen many people on this medication have a much better quality of life.

I think that everyone has heard stories of people that had this medication and they had a great and normal life. I can tell you that there are many cases of people who are on this medication that have had some really good and normal lives. I have seen people do things which were so weird and out of character that I have to wonder if they would have been on the drug had it not been for my company’s recommendation.

I have seen people on this medication that I think are great people that are out of character. I also have seen people who are bad people. I think that that is a lot of the reason why this medication is so helpful.

There are some pills that you take to make yourself feel better, and some pills which are used for medicinal purposes. I have seen people on this medication that seem to have done a lot of good things for themselves, but you can imagine how that could be interpreted as having a drug use. This is the case with many people who have this drug.

The first thing you do with this drug is take it for a week. Then you take it for a month. After the month, you take it for a year. After the year, you take it for a lifetime. Now, the reason why you take it for so long is because the body has to adapt to take a drug that is supposed to help you. This is where the body starts to work really hard, and the body loses some of its control.

This is exactly how I take trazodone. I take it for a month and then I go to a doctor and then I take it for a year and then I take it for a lifetime.

As it turns out, my body hasn’t adapted to trazodone. Instead the drug has mutated me into someone who’s totally addicted to the drug. The result is that I’m addicted to my own addiction and can’t stop. I also have a terrible hangover the next day.

It’s amazing but a lot of people have this weird habit of getting drunk while they are on trazodone. It’s not good, but it happens. So if you are one of those people and you are taking it for a year, take it for a year and then go to a doctor and take it for a month and then take it for a year and then take it for a lifetime.

It’s true that a lot of people on trazodone can get really drunk. As a result, their tolerance for it is so high that they can’t really drink to much. So the next time you think you’re going to blow into your bottle of tequila, think again.

The thing is, it is very dangerous to drink too much tequila or whiskey. You can get really sick, you can get even worse than that, and you can get so drunk that you could kill yourself. So the trick is, you can drink a lot of tequila and whiskey, but you can also drink a lot of water, and you can also drink a lot of soda.