The Consumer Reports 2017 Toyota Rav4 has finally been officially announced as one of the cars that will be eligible for the new Toyota Prius.

For those of you who haven’t seen the full-sized Toyota Rav4 yet, we’ve made an exclusive video showing off the most amazing new features of the new car. If you haven’t seen the video, it’s a five-minute long clip, and we’re sure that you’ll want to watch it again just to be sure you don’t miss anything.

Toyota has made a few other announcements as well including a few changes for the 2018 model year, the first of which is the new V-6 engine that will be more powerful and efficient. There are also some new features for the new Rav4 including a new infotainment system that will be able to handle the additional power of the V-6 engine, as well as a camera system that will be able to take photos and videos for the new system.

The new Rav4 is a hybrid that has both a petrol engine and an electric engine. So it is still a fully manual car but it is quite capable of doing all the things you’d expect from a car of its price class. However, its range on the roads is going to be limited and it will be a bit more expensive to purchase a used Rav4.

The company is promising a new Rav4 in the near future, but we don’t see anything in the near future because we do not know if this is a temporary or a permanent situation. In any event, the Rav4 could be a very nice addition to the fleet of cars Toyota has to offer.

Toyota is currently taking consumer complaints about the Rav4 to the authorities. When a customer complains to them, they will have to send out a report to Toyota. The Rav4 is still a fully manual car because it is still based on the Toyota Prius (and has a similar size and style to it). So if the Rav4’s range on the roads is limited, it is still the most powerful car on the planet for a given price (it is, after all, a Prius).

The Rav4 is the most powerful car on the planet for a given price because it has an EPA rating of at least 35 MPG. But it only gets to around 28 MPG when it is in its 4WD mode. On the road, the Rav4 also has a 2WD mode which gets you into the 30 MPG range. The one thing the Rav4 lacks is a 4WD mode, though.

The problem with the Rav4 is that it has a high price tag. The Toyota and Honda Rav4s cost $32,000–$36,000. The Nissan Navara, which is a much newer version of the same car, costs $32,000. The Nissan Murano comes in at $37,000.

In a perfect world, a car with a more fuel-efficient engine would be the ideal vehicle for a family with a lot of kids. However, the Rav4 has a diesel engine, which runs at about 14 to 16 MPG. The best alternative to the Rav4 would be one with a smaller engine, around 15 or 16 MPG.

The Rav4 has an EPA-rated fuel economy of just 9.5 miles per gallon. That’s far below the 15 or 16 MPG that many other cars are able to achieve. The Toyota Rav4’s top speed is also limited to 60mph, which makes for an awkward car for long trips.