I’ve had this photo for a while, and I’m still not quite sure what it means. I have been talking about it a lot lately, so I figured I would write a quick post about it.

It is a series of photographs taken in the city of Los Angeles, California. It shows a woman named Tom Barrack.

Barrack was a well-known actress in the 1940s, and as a result, she is immortalized in the city’s famous red carpet. And, in the 1960s, her photo was used heavily in Hollywood gossip columns as proof that she was a lesbian. She died in 1999, but the internet has gone insane since then.

The reason that Tom Barrack is immortalized in the citys red carpet is because the City Council of Los Angeles gave a special proclamation in 1989 officially declaring that it was an official city street named after him. And so now a new street is named for him, and it is called Barrack.

And that’s not all, because Tom Barrack lives on as a web icon, having created the citys famous red carpet as well as the Los Angeles Police Department, the citys first female mayor, and all the other famous people who were involved in the famous red carpet. That’s because his face and image are featured on dozens of billboards and signs around the City of Los Angeles. And, in fact, he is a member of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Citizens Medal of Honor.

Barrack was one of the first people to embrace the idea that a person deserves rights, freedoms, and protections. Unfortunately, he was also one of the first people to support the idea that these rights should be limited. In the early 2000s, Barrack founded the group Citizens for Los Angeles, a group that lobbied for more restrictions on the rights of minorities. In 2006, Barrack was arrested and charged with two counts of felony perjury for lying on a Los Angeles County ballot proposition.

In 2005, Barrack was also arrested for writing a letter to the editor of the LA Daily News in which he declared that he supported “any legal means necessary” to restrict the rights of those who oppose marriage equality.

But just because he’s a felon doesn’t mean he can’t still be a good person. He just needs to get a message out there.

We do not condone false statements, or even making false statements. Our mission is always to make you aware of the truth, and to educate you so you can make sure you’re the best person you can be for yourself. We take this a step further: we’re going to get you to write a letter to your local newspaper stating why you believe that marriage equality is good for any couple. We’ll take that letter and put it up on our website.