A friend of mine once told me that when he was a kid, he had no idea that he had a friend named John. After a while, he realized that John was his friend. He went back and read a little more about John, and he figured out that he was related to him. He still doesn’t know why he does the things he does, but he knows that he is related to John.

He also got in a few arguments at school, and he knew his parents (parents were friends) were friends with John’s parents, so he knew that John was his friend. He then discovered that John was John’s dad. He was like 8 years old, and he remembers the conversation his parents had with John. He remembers his parents telling him that John was their son, and that they were very proud of him. He also remembers his parents talking about their son all the time.

I think this might be a pretty good example of how different your perspective can be on someone you know. John and tineco are very close to each other, but tineco is very distant to John. The way he talks to John is very different to the way he talks to his son, and he is very distant to John. In fact, John has no idea that tineco is his father until he is an adult.

I feel like I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about the differences between John and tineco. That’s because I think it’s important to keep in mind that there are two completely different people who have the same last name, the exact same DNA, the exact same parents, and the exact same physical appearance.

Well, I say that to John and I feel the same way. My dad and dad’s dad were brothers who looked very similar. My mom and his mom were sisters who looked very similar. My sister’s brother was an identical twin brother, and his sister looked nothing like me. And this is what makes a lot of the differences between my parents stand out to me so much. They are not the same person.

My sister is a very good friend of mine. She is also a very good friend of mine. I like her very much, but the fact that she lives here, is a very different matter.

My sister has a very different relationship with her life as the “second sis.” She is very much on her own in her personal life. She has her own friends, she is dating her boyfriend, she is married, and she has her own life. The fact that she is living in Portland, OR (which has about the same population as the town where I live) is a completely different matter.

I can’t really speak for her, but I think she’s really enjoying Portland. She’s enjoying herself, she’s enjoying her job, and she’s enjoying the weather. I think that’s a good thing for her. This is the first time I have ever been to Portland and I like it so far.

I really can’t speak for her, but she seems to be enjoying her job here. I think shes happy. As for the weather, I think the Portland weather is pretty nice. I just wish she had a bit more of a personality to her. Thats why I wish she could have more kids.

Yeah, Portland is still quite young, but it is quite lovely. I love the city, but I think she could do with a bit more personality, especially now that she has 4 kids. Maybe shes just not used to it yet. Maybe that would be too much for her.