this is the story of the reagan fox.

the fox is a legend, a legend about the importance of being an asshole, about a fox who goes out of her way to humiliate herself in front of her friends. She’s also a very small, very intelligent animal.

The story of the fox is about a fox who is a legend. It is very small, very intelligent, and, of course, extremely annoying. The fox who goes out of her way to humiliate herself in front of her friends is something like a cartoon fox.

The fox is an anti-hero that, in a very twisted way, embodies the concept of the individual. This is a concept that has gotten a good amount of mileage in recent years, especially in the wake of the presidential election. The individual, for all of its faults, is a force for good. And at every turn the fox is shown to be a shining example of this.

It’s a good thing to see a cartoon fox. It’s just a shame that the fox does so much to get a bad reputation.

And so this may be a bad thing to say, but I really have nothing but love for the fox. I think it is a shame that the fox gets so much bad press. And I think it is a shame that he doesn’t get more respect, but, hey, we all need a little respect sometimes.

And in this case, we do indeed need to give a little bit of respect to the fox, because Fox the cat is the best! And he still loves us even though we have all of the bad press.

The people who are constantly calling the fox a scam artist really should not speak for us. The fox is the best because he loves us. We all need a little love sometimes. And for the fox, we are his tribe, because he is the best because he loves us. We will try to be nice to him because he is the best. We know that he loves us. We understand that he is the best because we love him.

The one time I had to leave him was when he bit my finger, and the wound was so painful I had to stop feeding him.

We call him the “foxy,” because he has a foxy beard and a foxy nose. He’s a big guy but he’s also really nice and nice to people. He’s also a scam artist because he doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. He just wants to take advantage of people. Like, you know, all the nice people who believe in him and then screw them over.