I’ve been trying, and failing, to find a home for a podcast on the topic of meditation and mindfulness.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last week trying to figure out how to use the “community” feature of the Apple Podcasts app to create a podcast that would make sense. For those of you unfamiliar with podcasting, it essentially involves posting a short text or audio file on a site so that people can subscribe to it. The site usually has a page dedicated to it and then a “community” section.

There is a growing number of podcasts that allow listeners to create their own episodes, but the problem is that most of these are pretty generic. Some are educational and some are just about meditation. Most of them are generic in their content and very few of them have a lot of audience. They’re not the type of podcasts that can be easily monetized, so most of them end up being just a “honeymoon” for a few people.

Ops anywhere is a podcast that lets listeners create their own episodes. The podcast is mostly about meditation, mindfulness, and the benefits of meditation. The first 10 episodes of the show are about meditation and the next 10 are meditation-based podcasts. They have a growing audience and they also feature a rotating cast of guest meditation teachers.

The show is created by the same guys who created the popular Brainpickings podcast, which has a similar mission. The Brainpickings people are trying to make it easier for people to do meditation. So far it has been successful.

The other main reason I like this show is because I’m not quite as skeptical of meditation as my friends are. I know it’s not magic, but I prefer to think of it as a part of the human condition. It’s a way to get better at being in the present and focusing on the present moment. It’s a practice that has helped me improve my focus, memory, and concentration skills. The show just might be the first of its kind.

I think meditation is a great practice, but I have to be careful to distinguish the practice of meditation from the practice of meditation. Meditation is a practice that is supposed to help people focus more and learn to control their thoughts, while meditation is a practice that is supposed to help people focus less and learn to shut out distractions and distractions.

In my opinion, meditation is both a highly effective and a highly effective form of self-awareness. As a matter of fact, I would say meditation is the closest thing to self-awareness we have in our culture. Meditation has been promoted by many people today, and I think it is one of the major reasons that it has become the dominant form of self-awareness.

In short, meditation is a way of keeping your mind from wandering, of slowing down time, of focusing on something specific (which is to say, not on the things that you have in common with everyone around you). Meditation is also a way of becoming aware of, and in the case of meditation, becoming the observer yourself. We all do it.

Well, not all of us. But a lot of people do. And meditation is a good practice. It has its place, but it’s really not for everyone. So how do you go about practicing it? Well, I can think of two ways. One is you should try to sit and stare into your own eyes. That way you will be literally, physically, and mentally being the observer and observing yourself.