I’d like to share a rather sad story. I’ll tell you about it now that it’s over.

Ill tell you about it now that its over.

It’s not so much misery, more like a case of the malaise, you know, where your brain is tired and you’re just trying to stay alive, and your body is trying to keep you alive.

The lyrics that follow are from the second single off of this song “Malaise”. The song is about how your mind and your body are constantly in search of pleasure, and how you cant always find it. Like anything else, there’s a solution to pain, and after you find it, you cant help but smile. And that’s the true meaning behind the lyrics.

Pain is a good thing, but sometimes its not a bad thing as well. This is one of the reasons why the lyrics of this song are so powerful. Even though you might be miserable, it still can provide a nice little break from your misery. But in order to find it, you have to be willing to try things that make you miserable. Like the rest of the song, the lyrics are about how to find pleasure and how to get it.

The lyrics of this song are a little long, but I think the music is worth it. There’s a little bit in the background, but it is worth the extra time to listen to. As for the song itself, it is a rather dark, doom-y, synth-y song that feels very modern. At times it almost feels like a pop song, but it can be a bit sappy.

The song’s lyrics are actually about how to find pleasure. The lyrics don’t really give us a whole lot of insight into what the song is actually about, but as a whole it does give you a lot to think about.

This song is really just a cover, but I found it very hard to listen to. The lyrics are very dark and gloomy, but at the same time they are also very romantic and evocative. The song feels like it could be one of my favorite songs ever, but it just doesn’t really do it for me. Overall, a very good instrumental and good song, but I wouldnt recommend it.

It is definitely an instrumental, but it is also quite a bit better than most other tracks that are put out by the band.

I also love this song, but it doesn’t really “wow” me in the way that some of the other tracks do. It’s just not something I’d listen to over and over again. It could be the case that this song is just not an improvement on other tracks like it could be, but I also feel like it is a bit too “dark” and “gritty” for my taste.