Mia Raes Montgomery is a Southern California based designer and author who creates a one-of-a-kind collection of jewelry, accessories, and home décor. Her unique pieces are made from a variety of materials including ceramics, glass, steel, and more. Mia has completed over 100 projects in her own home decor.

Mia has a style that is easy to love and one that many people find comforting. She also enjoys making new pieces and designing unique ones to suit her needs. As a designer, Mia has been featured on HGTV as well as appeared in magazines such as House & Garden and Home & Family. Her designs are now available at her website MiaRaeMontgomery.com.

Mia is also a very talented artist who was named Best in Show at the NYX Art League’s Home and Garden Show. She has been featured in HGTV’s “What Kind of Home Do You Want?” and has exhibited her work in New York, London, and Chicago. She is also featured in the upcoming Art League’s “The Color of Life” exhibition.

Mia has just been awarded the prestigious “Best in Show” in the NYX Art Leagues Home and Garden Show, and she has also been named an “International Artist of the Year” by the International Art Association.

Mia is also the creator of the new series for the NYX Art Leagues.

Mia is a designer who has been working exclusively in the design and construction industry for over thirty years. She has worked with such companies as BNY Mellon, BPO, and Parsons, and she has designed and built a variety of homes, commercial buildings, and residences. Mia has designed several public art installations, including the NYX Art League’s “New York” series and “Green Life” series, as well as designing and building a new home for her family in the Bronx.

Mia has been known to design homes that are both beautiful and functional. The Montauk, New York home she designed for her family is both beautiful and functional. The kitchen is a beautiful, warm space and the family room is a functional home office. The house is located in a very desirable area and Mia designed the home to accommodate both of her children.

Mia says that she is a designer by trade. While she is very passionate about design and thinks it is a rewarding profession, she says that she is a designer by choice as well.

Mia’s work has always been about creating spaces that are beautiful. She’s worked on a number of pieces of furniture, interior design, and even a few films. She designed the home where she now lives and it is a beautiful design. The home is located in the town of Montauk, New York and the design is based on the town’s ocean views.

While there is a reason why the house is constructed of wood, it is made of more than just wood. The house was designed so that it would be livable, comfortable, and also be able to withstand the elements. Mia believes that the elements are all around us and that it is our job to keep them out. One of the advantages is that the house has a lot of space inside, so there is no need for a lot of square footage.