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A virginia is a delicious ice cream that is full of creamy ice cream drippings (crust) and topped with crispy, brown, crunchy ice cream and sugary, chocolate syrup. Typically virginias are made in a cone shape. This is a good recipe to try. It’s actually the easiest recipe to make and tastes just as good as any normal virginia cone.

You can find a variety of virginias on the mcdonalds website. They all have the same ingredients and look the same. All of them have the same flavors and all have the same crunch. But the only difference is the size of the cone. As you can see in the picture above, you’ll have to take the cone off its stand and cut it to make it easier to eat.

The cone is the easiest part of the recipe. All the other parts are just as easy. I’ve been making them for nearly 30 years. They’re a staple at every birthday party and a great dessert for every meal.

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