I’m not a native English speaker, so I can’t really help you with pronunciations of the Spanish words. Please feel free to ask me if you or someone else has experienced this problem before. I would actually be curious to know what the other version of luis is for.

luis is pronounced like loo-zay or loo-ee, not like loo-zay or loo-ee.

If you’re asking me about the Spanish words, they would be pronounced like the English words, I believe.

Luis is a Spanish word that means “I am.” It’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “luis.” When I hear it I think you are looking at a guy who is very passionate and excited about a good cause. If you’re thinking “a really passionate guy who is going to do something really cool,” that would be a better version of luis.

Luis is also the last name of a very popular Spanish singer-songwriter, and it would be understandable if a lot of people thought the person you wanted was Luis. This is because he is also an extremely popular guy in Spain.

Luis could be the perfect name for the protagonist of an action video game. He would be someone who is passionate about a cause, and would want to do something that would make the world a better place. He would be someone who is excited about whatever the cause is, and would try to do something to make that cause a reality.

Luis is a pretty cool guy. But I think the name Luis is a bit overused in video games. I think that for a song or video game to really be cool, you have to include something from someone else. That’s why I’m more comfortable with the name Luis.

I can’t really think of a good name to use for Luis. Its not a name that you would say out loud. But I think this is a name that players would recognize. It’s a name that is associated with someone who has really made something happen. So a name that is associated with someone who has really made something happen would be good.

Luis is a simple name that has a lot of meaning. It is a reference to Luis Alberto Spinotti who was the head of the Argentine government during the Spanish Civil War. He was the guy who organized many of the events that culminated in the capture of the Spanish government. He created a political party called the “Centro Popular” to take on the Spanish dictatorship and win. At the end of the war he became the president of Argentina.

The way Luis is pronounced is one of the hardest I’ve ever had to do. It’s a combination of two different sounds. One is a long “u” sound, and the other is a shorter “y” sound. As you can see, the end result is confusing. Luis is pronounced like a “l” sound, but more like a “e”. The easiest way to pronounce it is as a “le” sound.