Most people associate the highline as the high-rise toilet. I don’t know anyone who thinks the highline is a high-rise toilet. However, this toilet does have a highline. If you are wondering what it is, it is the part of the toilet where you push up on the rim. It is also the part that you walk up to without making a sound.

Kohler is very proud of it. It was originally built to be a high-rise toilet, but it failed because of a lack of funds. Instead, the company went back to the drawing board and put it in for a high-line. The idea is that instead of the highline being a standard high-rise toilet, it is just a high-line toilet and therefore, is not at all high-rise.

Now, kohler is a firm believer in the idea that every man has the potential to be a genius. So, when they put up the highline, they wanted to make sure that the top of the toilet was as high as possible so that the height was more than enough to allow the man to stand up. The height is the distance up from the top of the rim. So they put the top of the rim at roughly 4.7 feet.

This is a standard toilet, and most of the high-rises I have seen are at least 3-4 stories tall. The highline has been designed to be a more comfortable toilet than a traditional high-rise toilet. It is a tall toilet, so it is not at all high-rise.

The highline toilet is a classic example of what I call “a toilet with an adjustable height.” What I mean by this is that the height of the bowl is adjustable from about three feet to four feet. Because the height of the toilet is adjustable, this toilet is also a standard toilet, which means that it is not at all a high-rise toilet.

I believe the highline toilet is a classic example of the bathroom having a high toilet. The idea here is that most toilets have a fixed height and a fixed bowl, so they are not high toilets. In the highline, the bowl is adjustable, so the height of the toilet is adjusted. This toilet is also a standard toilet, which means it is not at all a high-rise toilet.

For the past ten years or so, toilets have been getting higher and taller. While the idea of a toilet getting taller is not new, it is not common. When I first moved into my new apartment I had a standard toilet. My sink was the same height as the toilet, and my toilet seat was the same height as the sink. This toilet was an actual bathroom in my new apartment.

After all, the height of the toilet is not just a matter of scale. The height of the toilet determines how much water you can use. If you can only use half of that water, you can’t flush your toilet at all. To be safe, we recommend using a higher-end toilet, and especially using the toilet seat to fully cover the bowl, as you’ll want to be able to flush the toilet by sitting down.

This toilet has a lot to recommend it. It is simple, but it is also comfortable. And it has a pretty high toilet seat. I think this is what the term high toilet seat is all about.

This toilet is simple. It has a bowl and seat and you sit down on the seat and you just use the bowl. You dont have to worry about washing your hands or any of that. You can fill up your bowl however you want, but theres no need to worry about that. Also, the bowl is very high. This means that you can stand up while you flush.