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J. Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of Facebook, and the founder and CEO of Google, as well as the creator of the search engine Google. On his most recent earnings call, he said that the purpose of his company is to solve problems, and that he wanted to change the world. He’s also an outspoken libertarian and advocate of the right to privacy. He supports gun control, and he doesn’t think that the police should be able to shoot your dog.

His most recent foray into politics was his recent support of the bill that proposed a ban on semi-automatic weapons. While most people would agree that we shouldnt be trying to ban semi-automatic weapons in the first place, it’s not like he’s always been a proponent of gun control.

So when you think about Zucker’s politics, it’s sort of surprising that you don’t know a thing about him. He was the executive director of the Freedom to Marry Foundation which advocates for the right to marry. He has taken part in the fight to overturn California’s ban on gay marriage, and he’s advocated for the rights of the mentally ill and LGBTs.

The Freedom to Marry Foundation was a major backer in the campaign to have marriage become a legal right for same-sex couples. In fact, Zuckers campaign to overturn the landmark California law was supported by most of the foundation’s board. For those who don’t recall, its called the Freedom to Marry Act. Now there is no law against gay marriage in California, but the law is still being challenged.

This is not to say California is the only state where gay marriage is legal. In fact, the only difference between a legal union for gay couples and a legal union for same-sex couples is that the former one is recognized by the state and the latter one isn’t. The Freedom to Marry Act also allows for gay couples to be able to have a civil union.

The Freedom to Marry Act was passed on June 20th of 2010, so it is now only two years old. But in that time, it has been used to ban gay marriages in thirteen other states. Some of these bans occurred on the anniversary of the act passing, so perhaps the time is right to get rid of these bans. One of the arguments is that it would be unconstitutional in states where it is not recognized, which would include those where gay couples are not married.

While the question is one of jurisdiction, there is no law that says a marriage between two gay people cannot be recognised in other states. So if states are free to ban same-sex marriages, why is it bad for states to ban gay marriages? One reason may be that gay people who are married in these states are more likely to have children. They are therefore more likely to have to be taxed to support the children.

Same-sex couples would be far more likely to have children if they could get married in a state where no-one can marry them.

I’d have to say that the most likely reason for a state to ban gay marriages is that it would hurt the gay people already living there. If same-sex couples are allowed to take their vows in another state, they’ll have to find another place to live. In this way, they’ll be in a terrible position where they’ll have to choose between the state they’ve married in and the home they’ve already lived in for years.