Bringing Cells to Life

When students have the opportunity to create movies, they get to show what they now. Below is a stop-motion video created by 8th graders to show cell formation. Using play dough the students designed each phrase, took pictures and composed into a movie. This hands-on activity not only allowed students to visualize cell formation but also required students to use higher order thinking skills to CREATE!



unnamed-1Whether you are a seasoned engineer or a child, Ozobot Bit can be as fun or challenging as you make it. Simple and intuitive to use on one side, highly programmable and versatile on the other – there is something for every type of thinker, with this tiny tinker robot.

You can pick up Ozobot for as low as $42 – so they are pretty reasonable for a robot.  Click here.

Ideas for the classroom:
– Use to review parallel and perpendicular lines.
– Create a story scene. Make a cutout of a character and tape it to Ozobot. Then have Ozobot move around the scene.