DK2JZ4OUMAAinlQI purchased The Innovator’s Mindset over the summer. Honestly, it has been sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust. I wanted to read it but I had to find the time to do so. I stumbled upon this opportunity to connect with others and dig deep into the meaning of innovation. It is amazing how when a group does something it makes it much easier.

I initially purchased the book for a number reasons. My title is Director of Innovation and Technology … So it is probably in my best interest to understand innovation. Another reason I purchased the book is because I’m one of those people whose brain never stops working. It could be quite annoying at times because the gears are constantly spinning. Well what better thing to do them read when your brain is constantly spinning! Finally, I am very passionate about networking. I love learning from others and sharing my thoughts. This book group is the perfect place to do that!

Something that stood out to me in the introduction of the book was… “Technology affords as opportunities we did not have before.” Technology puts the learning at our fingertips. Teachers can take advantage of teachable moments. No longer do we need to schedule a time to visit the library and use outdated encyclopedias to find information. Technology also allows us to be connected with parents, students and other classrooms. The opportunities are countless and only will continue to grow in the future.

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