Hi there, I’m Jeff. I’m a full time web developer in the Austin, TX area. I’ve been building websites since 2004, and I love it. I started this blog because I was frustrated with all the misinformation out there about building websites and online marketing. I wanted to help people get a better understanding of the process and techniques that are needed for building websites.

I guess I like to think people are smarter than they think they are. And as you can tell by the title, I do prefer the wisdom in Jeff’s comments to the stupidity of the other comments.

And Jeff, I think your comment about the “internet wars” is the most ignorant comment I’ve read on the blog.

I’m in no way trying to cause any kind of trouble. I’m just pointing out what is so easily missed. The internet wars are not just a marketing tool for big companies, but I think even the most ignorant person can recognize the internet as a great tool, and the internet wars are a great example of how that is so.

There were so many things wrong with the initial comments that, at the time, I thought they were just as ignorant. I really mean that, but I think it goes a long way to explaining why people have so much trouble understanding the internet. Sure, if someone says something wrong there’s a chance someone else will come out with a counterpoint, but when you’re actually arguing with someone who might actually be able to argue well, it’s hard to know.

Its like any other type of debate, it’s hard to know what someone else is even really talking about at all. There are so many possible ways to interpret a comment, and sometimes its just hard to tell if someone is trying to communicate with you in a way that makes sense.

hrn216vla is a new, but not totally out of the box, new combat-focused hack. It’s a new version of the old hack that is now available in the game’s Steam client.

The original hack, hrn1236, is a great hack that allows you to perform many attacks. Its a good way to get yourself into a situation you can’t get out of, or to get into something you may not have been able to get out of before. For example, you could use the hack to get yourself into a situation where you can’t get out of, like a room with a locked door, or a room with an unresponsive AI.

There’s a lot more to hrn216 than its just a new hack, though. The other new features are a level editor for your own creations, and a way to edit the AI to keep you from being killed by its AI abilities. It’s been said that the original hack was one of the best hacks around (that still is), and that the new hack is even better. What’s great is that it’s open-source.

I am not exactly sure what this hack does, but I’m pretty sure it lets you manipulate your AI to make your own decisions. If I remember correctly it lets you edit the AI’s decision making to make it behave in ways you like.