how big is 5 kilometer, that is the length of the distance a dog can run before exhausting his energy, or the distance a person on foot can run before stumbling. The word kilometer is an abbreviation to indicate that the distance is 5 km or a distance that is the same as the length of a kilometer. A kilometer is a measure of length equal to 600 feet.

How big is 5 km? It’s a common question in everyday life, but the truth is that it’s a difficult question to answer. For starters, it’s really hard to know how much your dog can run without getting tired. Another problem is that it’s hard to determine what a full 5 km will be. One 5 km will be a full mile, and one 5 km is the length of a football field.

The average person probably thinks 5 km is a big distance but it’s not, it’s a relatively short distance. A full 5 km will usually be between about 8 and 10 miles long. That means that it’s the equivalent of about a mile and a half to two miles long. That is a very long distance for a dog to run, and you should think twice about how much you’re going to run it.

I know that 5 km is very long for a dog, but it is still very small. The average dog sprints at about 13 km per hour, so an average dog would probably have to run it in about a minute and a half. That is a very long time to run for a small dog, so a dog that weighs less than 30 pounds will probably end up running it in about 4 minutes.

For a dog that is well over 30 pounds to run a mile in less than 4 minutes, its speed at a full trot may be as high as 60 km/h. That is faster than you can even imagine for a dog and far faster than you can run it in a sprint, so you may want to go easy on the dogs.

This is a very good question. How big does a dog actually have to be in order to run a mile in a shorter time? Well, a dog that weighs over 30 pounds can run a mile in about 4.4 minutes, or about 15 minutes flat. If a dog is over 30 pounds, then its speed at a full trot is about 75 kmh, which is more than you can even imagine for a dog and so much faster than you can run it in a sprint.

The world record for the fastest dog is held by a dog called Fido, who ran in a record of 31.9 seconds. It was set in 1997 at the Great Pyrenees Endurance Challenge, a race that takes place at the highest altitude in the world. The race was won by Steve Fossett, who runs about as fast as he can.

A record for a dog is also held by an animal called Cheetah, which is also a part of a species called the Cheetah, which is an endangered species. Cheetah can run at speeds up to 70 kmh. The animal is thought to be about 60 years old, but it’s unclear when it was born.

Cheetah is the world’s fastest running animal. It’s a member of the carnivore sub-family of the cheetah family. These carnivores are native to Africa. Cheetahs use their long neck to reach high places and hunt for prey.

We can’t help but wonder what is behind Cheetah’s record speed. Could it be that it was the result of a genetic mutation? Or perhaps its a reflection of Cheetah’s natural habitat.