Global: of, relating to, or involving the entire world

Merriam Webster

Lacue Presentation

Why must educators integrate global education into their curriculum?

Global awareness: Students need to understand the world in which we live.  

Empathy and understanding for other cultures: Each community is unique and has different traditions.

Learn from others: We can learn about cultures and traditions from others. Teachers need to create opportunities for this to happen.

Geography: It seems that geography is often cut out fo the curriculum due to time. When it is seamlessly part of the curriculum through Mystery Locations, it becomes part of the curriculum and not isolated.

In order to improve relationships in society, we must change the way we teach to include opportunities for students to learn from other cultures.  We must tear down the walls of our classrooms. What better way to do it than Mystery Locations!

Mystery Location Resources:

United States Map: Give each student one map. As they are going through the process of playing the game, have the students cross-out states they they know do not fit the describe of the mystery location.

Question Sheet for students: Give each student one question sheet. It leads them through the process of asking questions to guess the mystery location. Students begin to think about the United States as east or west of the Mississippi River.

Communities: Go to Google+ Classroom Connections or Mystery Hangout groups. You can also join Skype in the Classroom Enthusiasts on Facebook.

Ideas for connecting:

  • Punctuation Game: Students exchange sentences and determine the punctuation.
  • Science Experiment / Presentations
  • Mystery Number: Review place value and practice number sense by guessing a mystery number.
  • Mystery Animal: Are you studying animal adaptations, zoo, mammals, etc? Connect with a class and guess an animal with yes / no questions.
  • Literature Connection: Discuss a book or writing that both classes are reading.
  • Weather Exchange
  • Foreign Language Guess Who

What is needed to do a connection?

  • Optional Cards (Yes, No, One minute please, We are thinking, Are you ready?, We are ready.)
  • Webcam – Check out this amazing Logitech camera!
  • Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime, Zoom (Recommended that you test before connecting to make sure it is not blocked by your school network.)
  • Speakers so everyone can hear. Atlas in a book or homemade one (with maps, time zones, capital names, etc)

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