In this episode I discuss the art of using your imagination to create your own reality. I also share some of my favorite practices to help you take the leap into the unknown. You’ll even get to see me make a lot of mistakes.

This is an hour of my favorite audio-video I’ve ever made. It’s also a great opportunity to show off my favorite thing to do. I’ll be doing a lot of that, just don’t ask me to do anything else while I’m doing it.

I have been a huge fan of Harry Gallagher for a while now and I think you’ll really find that his work is more than just a collection of pretty pictures. He can make real moody, mood changing, and just wonderful art. I wish I could say more but my eyes are just not up to it.

Harry has been a fan of my work for a while now and he’s been keeping a pretty close eye on my new projects. He is one of the biggest contributors to my new website, a website that I’m currently working on to showcase work that i’ve been doing with the help of many talented friends, including yours truly.

Harry has also been an early supporter of my new Facebook page, which is filled with my original works and all sorts of other cool stuff that Im sharing with the world. His current favorite is the one that is going through the oven.

With a background in computer graphics, Harry has the unique ability to look at a lot of complex systems from a “what the hell is going on” standpoint. This means that he can pick up on the tiny pieces that make up the big picture. When my new website was getting off the ground, he was the first person I told about the idea.

It was an easy decision to hire Harry, because he is a very intelligent man. He’s incredibly passionate about the things that he does. He’s like a young John McEnroe. He’s also, in my opinion, a real down-to-earth guy. He’s got a great sense of humor, is a great guy to hang out with, and he has one of the best taste buds out there.

To be honest, it’s actually not that hard to hire such a big name. If you think about it, the list of people who have already done it would include the likes of Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But like all things, there is a reason why this is the case. It takes a bit of experience to pick up on the nuances of someone’s personality.

If someone is good at what they do, you can be sure they are good at other things as well. What would this mean to someone else? You might not have to pay them a lot of money, but you will not be able to come close to their expertise if this person isn’t really good at what they do.