The word “flexion” refers to the muscle in the palm of the hand that is used to grip an object. It is the muscle that allows you to flex your arms to your shoulders, or the arm that allows you to extend a set of fingers. It is this muscle that allows us to use a pencil or pen on the computer to write without having to hold our hand with our arm fully extended. This muscle is often used to write with while sitting at a computer.

One of my favorite things about flexiones. The game also plays up the fact that you can learn to flex your muscles to adapt to new situations by flexing your muscles to the side, or the back, or the top. This is done by twisting the fingers of your hand while you’re doing something. You can also use flexiones to do a lot of stretching exercises by contracting your muscles with your fingers while using your hand to press.

One of the best flexion exercises for flexing your muscles is called biceps flexion. This is done by pressing your fingers into the palm of your hand. You can also do this exercise by pressing your fingers into a book. This creates something called a pneumatic biceps stretch. The idea is that you can flex the biceps by using your fingers to press into the book. Then you can apply this to flexing your muscle by pressing your fingers against the book.

This exercise is great for toning the biceps and getting them to work together more efficiently.

Flexion is not only good for the biceps, but it is an excellent exercise for toning the arms, shoulders, and triceps. There are many varieties of this exercise that can be done in different arm positions. You can also do flexion by using your fingers to squeeze the book, squeezing the book to create a kind of pneumatic biceps stretch.

By flexing your arms, you create a stretch in the muscle fibers, which reduces the chance that your biceps, shoulders, and triceps will become fatigued.

Although flexion is a great exercise for biceps and triceps, it can also provide a toned, sexy look that can be applied to other areas of your body as well. You can do a flexion on your abs, too. I don’t have any abs (other than the ones that aren’t showing), but I do have a toned, sexy looking front abs.

As I’ve stated before, I’m a big fan of the flexion exercise. The more time you spend doing it, the better the results. You can do it while sitting on the couch, standing in a chair, or standing in a chair and flexing.

I’ve seen too many people fail at flexion, because they try to do it while in a chair and find out it hurts too much. It’s as if they were in a chair and it was the chair they were sitting on, not the person they were flexing. So they sit down and wait for the pain.