The most widely cited definition of meditation is as “a way of concentrating the mind on a single point, as if one is looking through a telescope,” and a similar definition of prayer is “wanting to turn to a point in space or time and ask for something.” So I don’t necessarily believe that meditation is a way of turning to a point in space or time and asking for something.

I could not agree more. Meditation is a practice of focusing the mind on a single point, such as our breath or a mantra, and the goal is to be aware of that point. As with prayer, we don’t expect a response; we simply want to know that a thought or a feeling has occurred.

Meditation is a way to stop thinking and just be with the experience. Some may find it helpful to do it during their meditation practice, but I think meditation is something you are already doing, in your everyday routine.

For me, it has always helped to remember that, in meditation, I am in control. I am the only one that can decide what, if anything, happens. What I will do with my body, what I will say, what time I will meditate, and so on. It’s not so much about being alone or quiet, but rather the ability to feel the present moment as separate from the past and future.

This is something I have found to be helpful in my meditation practice too, because the whole point is to feel the present, as if I am the only one that can do anything.

This is actually a very important part of the practice of meditation, because it is the moment when we really are completely alone with our thoughts. We are not really even aware of ourselves as separate from the world. We are completely alone with our thoughts, the only thing that can change them is our own thought. This is very different from just being alone in the moment.

The moment when you are fully present with your thoughts is the most important part of meditation. It is the moment where we are most aware of the entire world, and thus it is the perfect time to meditate.

There is a lot of research that shows meditation can significantly improve our mental and physical state. In fact, it can even be an effective method of dealing with stress. In order to be effective and successful at meditation, you have to be totally present with your thoughts. You have to meditate on a regular basis and be completely free from distraction. That is very different from just being in the moment.

I think this is one of the main reasons why meditation seems to be such a popular thing among the general public on our website. It’s because we know how to keep our mind focused on a particular task, even when it’s not productive. If we can become completely present with our thoughts, there’s no reason it can’t be effective in dealing with stress.

When we’re stressed it is not uncommon to lose the ability to feel our emotional bodies. This is because we don’t have the ability to be fully present with our feelings, it is like being in a trance. When we are in a “trance” we are no longer able to feel our bodies because our emotions are all being controlled by our minds. In this state it is very difficult to be mindful of our emotions.