I have a lot of friends who use chikki panday as a way to relax and unwind. I just added this recipe a few weeks ago.

This one is the one I’ve been using. It’s very simple.

Chikki panday is a soft, smooth rice pudding, generally made with basmati. It was first developed by Bhatia-Veena in Bengaluru (now known as Bengaluru). But the best way to eat it is with its original soft rice base.

It is basically a soft, smooth rice pudding. The pudding is served with a bowl of basmati. The rice base is a soft basmati rice, or a basmati, which is a rice that is cooked in a coconut milk called jaggery and is used as a vegetable with several other things like potato, peas, jasmine, and beans.

It’s also an interesting thing to eat. It’s very tasty. I’m sure you have your favorites that you might have tried, but I think the most popular one in Bangalore is called basmati juga. Also, the original recipe says to add 3 cups of coconut milk to the rice base and cook it for an hour, but it’s not necessary (you can cook it on the stovetop), and I’ve never had it.

The reason I bring up basmati juga is because the recipe says to cook it for three hours at high heat, but I actually have it cooking for half that time. I do understand it isnt necessary to cook it for an hour or two because it is cooked in coconut milk. That is why you don’t need to add that extra 3 cups. Im not sure if this is the normal method, and I dont know a lot about cooking either.

For those that dont know, a basmati juga is a dish similar to a roti, but made from jaggery and brown sugar. As the saying goes, basmati juga is the perfect sweet and tangy mix of flavours in one dish. It’s not a traditional sweet, but it’s sweet enough to satisfy any sweet craving.

As for the coconut milk, the word “basmati” usually means that its a very thick coconut milk. This is also why its called juga, because it has a very thick consistency. If you want to replace the milk with a thinner coconut milk, you can, but only if you can get the jaggery from a very local source.

The best ways to make juga is with jaggery, brown sugar, and coconut milk. I personally prefer the combination of jaggery and brown sugar, because it gives me the sweet and tangy taste that I love so much.

If you prefer a lower fat coconut, you can also make juga by using whole (not powdered) coconut milk.