2015 Toyota Motor Co. Ltd. (TM) Highlander is a compact car manufactured by Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Japan. 2015 Toyota Motor Co. Ltd. (TM) Highlander was the first model to be introduced in Japan since the company started in Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Japan (TM) in 1968. The Highlander is named after the Japanese word “hyakure” (meaning “to leap over”), which refers to the Japanese word for jump.

The Highlander’s fuel consumption is the most significant change from its predecessor, the Toyota RAV4. As it stands now, the Highlander consumes about 1.2 liters less gas per 100 kilometers than the RAV4, and the Highlander will get an EPA-rated highway mileage of 31 mpg, compared to the RAV4’s 35 mpg.

The Highlander has a few design changes. The hood and grille were redesigned to fit the Highlander’s small footprint, and there’s a new front bumper. The grille was also redesigned, becoming wider and stronger, and the Highlander’s large front door was redesigned to fit the Highlander’s new front seat.

If you were to stick a stick of dynamite in the Highlander, you’d have a lot of power. However, since the Highlander is a hybrid, the engine is now an electric motor that uses a lithium-ion battery pack.

It seems like for some reason the Highlander is only half-full of dynamite. It also uses a hybrid drivetrain and a lighter battery pack.

I thought the Highlander was pretty cool when I first saw it. It’s a very clean looking vehicle, and it’s a very quick vehicle, but it’s not a very sporty car. The Highlander is a very comfortable car, but it’s more about driving than it is about speed. I personally love the Highlander, but I’m not sure I would recommend it.

If you want to avoid the Highlander and go for a sportier car, you might want to check out Mazda’s CX-9 SUV. It is a sporty SUV and a great family car, but you can also consider the Toyota 4Runner as a hybrid vehicle. I think both the Highlander and 4Runner are very nice cars, but they aren’t really the sportiest cars.

I think both the Highlander and 4Runner are very nice cars, but they arent really the sportiest cars.

You can be both. The Highlander is very sporty, but not really the fastest car. The 4Runner is a hybrid and the Highlander is a sports car. It might seem like a contradiction, but it actually works. The Highlander is actually much faster than the 4Runner, which is why I think it works. The Highlander in a real sense is more sportsmanlike and its faster, so it might be fun in a family setting, but not in a family setting with young children.

The Highlander and 4Runner are both hybrids. These cars are actually two different types of vehicle. A hybrid is essentially a vehicle that runs on two different types of fuel. It can run on gasoline or electricity. The Highlander uses electricity, while the 4Runner uses gasoline. The Highlander uses a high-horsepower electric motor, while the 4Runner uses a gas engine. The Highlander also has a diesel engine, while the 4Runner has a gasoline engine.