Justin Bieber, after being called a “freak” for his new single, “Despacito.

That’s right. The first single from Justin Bieber’s new album is Despacito. And it’s been called “fucking amazing” by multiple media personalities, including Justin himself.

What do you think Justin has said about Despacito? I know he has said its great.

As I said, Justin Bieber, after being called a freak for his new single, Despacito is one of those songs that everyone likes. But why? Because it’s about Justin Bieber, and it’s about his life. That’s right, it’s just about Justin Bieber. And because Bieber has come out and said it, it has become a phenomenon. It’s like Justin Bieber has finally become a meme, and nobody is afraid to talk about how great Despacito is.

I like Justin Bieber as well. I also like the fact that he has come out and said it, but I’m happy to see that he has, in fact, made a public statement about Justin Bieber. I think he has finally reached the point where the people who thought he was a freak were finally put to the test.

I’m not sure what this means. I was also not aware that Justin Bieber has come out and said it, but now that I read it, it seems to be true. I guess I will have to keep an eye on him to see if he keeps it up.

So in the comments section of his blog, Bieber made it clear that he is not gay, and that he loves girls, but that he does date women. Although I have to wonder if he is lying about this, or if he just doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of anyone who thinks that he is a homosexual.

I think it is safe to say that Justin Bieber is not gay. Or at least he has not yet made his commitment to being gay public. Of course, this is a bit of a surprise to me considering he is now a music icon. No, seriously, I just wanted to say that. I was so surprised by this fact that I actually checked his website. It says he is no longer officially gay, but a lot of people seem to think it is just a matter of time.

Justin Bieber has never officially stated that he is gay, and it’s possible that he may change his mind, but it’s also possible that his lack of public commitment is really just a way to hide himself from the world. If he has decided to be a gay musician, how will he ever go about performing? I suppose he could do it by dating a girl who is a singer, but then he can’t have a girl in every town.

It is, however, still my firm belief that Justin Bieber is gay. I think that it is a matter of time before he comes out and states his true self-identity. This means that he may also come out through the media. It also means that he may just decide to let his fans know the truth about him. If he does come out, its not because he is going to turn his back on everyone, but because he wants to be the center of attention.